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From the Principal's Desk

Founded on 29th July 1963, Vidyanagar College has traversed half a century of its chequered existence through the travails of times, undaunted in giving shape to the aspirations and yearnings of a predominantly rural community, though despairingly challenged socially and economically, resilient enough to dream and deliver. The institution was established as a result of the relentless efforts of the late Dhirendranath Bera and the late Harendranath Majumdar, who were committed to the holistic development of the young people in its fold, instilling in them a sense of dignity and self-respect through providing quality education at the tertiary level. Since its very inception Vidyanagar College has been persevering for a sustained holistic development of its vast rural and suburban hinterland, envisioning a paradigm shift in the mindset and mores.

When almost three years ago I took on the mantle of leading this institution with a great potential, which can rightfully boast of having the Honourable President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, as one of its former faculty, I have humbly given a pledge to devote myself heart and soul towards translating this potential into reality. As it is true for every successful venture involving the welfare of a number of people, it has to be a concerted effort. So I call upon everyone associated with the institution to stand by me and give me courage to bear the burden of the glorious bequest left to me. Together you make up the core of my belief, my strength.

Welcome to verdant Vidyanagar! Welcome to vibrant Vidyanagar!